Nazca Lines Tours

These lines, which were scratched on the surface of the ground, are among archaeology’s greatest enigmas.


The Nazca desert is most famous for the mysterious lines and giant drawings which extend over 190 sq. miles (nearly 500 sq. kms). They are believed to have been created by three pre-Inca societies between 900BC and 700AD. Their purpose is unknown but some of the theories put forward suggest the lines were a type of astronomical calendar for agriculture, an alien landing pad, a running track, walkways joining ceremonial sites, or part of a water cult.

Whilst you can see some of the lines and drawings from a viewing tower, the Nazca Lines are best seen from the air.

From the air, it is possible to see 70 different plant and animal drawings as well as hundreds of lines and other geometrical shapes.

The lines were created by removing the dark surface layer of stones and piling them at the sides of the lines, creating a contrast between the dark stones and the exposed lighter soil below.

Nazca Lines