Amazon River Cruises

Leaving Iquitos and cruising along the Amazon you will soon be in untouched natural wilderness where you will explore remote Amazon River tributaries.


All Peru Amazon tours by cruise ship start and finish in Iquitos, located on the banks of the Amazon River, or the city of Nauta, some two hours’ drive toward the south. Both cities are found in the enormous province of Loreto in North-East. In fact, two-thirds of Peru’s land mass is covered by the Peruvian Amazon jungle, much of it unspoiled and waiting to be explored, making them the ideal destination for Amazon tours.

Iquitos, which is the largest city in the world only accessible by plane or by waterway, is surrounded by the Amazon Rainforest in all directions. Amazon cruises in Peru have the unique advantage of thousands of square miles of rich wilderness to explore. Peruvian Amazon tours can be enjoyed in several national parks with some of the greatest biodiversity on Earth.

The most popular Peru Amazon tour destination is the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, a protected area of flooded forests containing 5 million acres of rich ecological diversity. Pacaya Samiria is home to iconic Amazonian species such as pink river dolphins, giant otters, macaws, sloths, and caiman, all commonly observed during an Amazon River cruise. The Peruvian Amazon is one of the most biologically diverse areas on Earth, and an ideal tour destination for an ecologically focused Amazon tour.

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