Puno & Lake Titicaca

Discover the spectacular natural beauty and colourful indigenous communities of Lake Titicaca.


Located between Peru and Bolivia, Lake Titicaca is one of the most fascinating lakes in the world. The Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the World at 12,650 feet (3,856 meters) above sea level, it is bigger than Switzerland.

Lake Titicaca is a sacred place for the Inca civilization, as the Incan mythology says that the first Inca king, Manco Capac, was born here. Its shores and islands, such as Amantani and Taquile, are home to the Aymaras and Quechuas, who are amongst Peru’s oldest peoples, predating the Incas by a thousand years. Here visitors may wander through old traditional villages where Spanish is a second language and where ancient myths, and beliefs still hold true.

One of the main tourist attractions is the Uros Floating, which sustain small communities of Uros Indians. These are man-made islands constructed of reeds that have sustained a traditional way of life since the time of the Incas.

When it comes to Lake Titicaca hotels most of our options are on the banks of the lake outside the city of Puno. Puno is a simple city and not particularly attractive. You will find some restaurants and shops to explore but if it’s the lake you have come to see we recommend staying on it shores and admiring the beautiful view!

Lake Titicaca – Peru & Bolivia Side Tours